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ExpandinJax’s Guide on Upgrading your Computer or Apple.

Got a old home computer or an apple device that you are dying to upgrade or change for a newer one? Not surprising, considering all the shiny new electronics that keep coming out months after months, and years after years. Well, if you are in this situation, let us help you at Expandinjax.

Brand New Iphone 7 in Brisbane

First of all, what we are going to recommend is going to greatly depend on what you are looking to upgrade or change and why? Are you looking to get a brand new computer because you want to play the latest PC games coming out with better graphics, or is it because the work that you have to do at home is getting a little bit tedious because your PC is too slow? Or is it because you are running out of memory or your desktop keeps freezing? How old is your current machine? All these questions may play an important role on deciding on whether you should buy a brand new computer, or if you should just plain upgrade.

If it is only that one of your hardware part is getting old or needs changing, then you could just buy that one. For example, if your hard drive is getting pretty full and you just need more storage space, then it wouldn’t be worth it to buy a brand new computer just to get more data storage. Instead, what we would recommend is to just purchase a brand new computer hard drive. If you are in Brisbane and looking for laptop computer support click here.

If the rest of your hardware is fine, such as your CPU, but your graphics card is starting to be lacking. Then again, it may just be better to purchase a new video card and swap it for the old one. But, if the problem is that you are needing a little bit more of everything, such as more RAM and other hardware, then, it may be a good idea to decide whether you shouldn’t just purchase a whole new system. Especially if you are going to need to change your motherboard, which usually requires to change every other hardware parts at the same time. If you are in Brisbane and are needing a good PC screen repairs company or upgrading your OS as Microsoft is thinking of retiring Windows XP, then click that link.

If it is an apple device that you are talking about, then usually there isn’t much that you can do than just getting a brand new device. Macbooks can’t easily be upgraded and neither can iPhones. If you are in Brisbane, take a look here for a good apple iphone repairs company.

Fixing Your Home Computer, Laptop, or Apple

How to repair your laptop, mac or PC.

Got a broken laptop or apple computer? Yeah, we got one too. It is very frustrating because they are expensive, and they may even have a lot of your important data on them, and now you think you need to get a new one. Well, that may be the case, but there might also be a few things that you can do before deciding whether you are done already. First off, here is a few questions that you could be asking yourself

1) Did you have any important data on your mac?

2) Did you back up any of that data?

3) Was there any virus on your data after you backed it up?

Because, here is the deal. If you saved all of your data and now want to recover it, no matter if you are on Windows or Apple, you are going to need to do a virus removal, or when you restore it, the virus will come back at the same time.

Now, if your hard drive is broken and you did NOT save any of your data, then you are going to either just accept the fact that it is gone, or you are going to need to perform a data recovery. If you are in Queensland, and Logan, Australia, take a look at this computer service’s website called computer repairs logan. Then, if you are looking for onsite computer repairs services or just plain laptop screen repair, then take a look here for laptop repairs logan.

If you are just plain looking for iphone repairs, click here for apple repairs logan.

Then, you should be good. Of course, you can also do all of that yourself, but performing a laptop lcd screen repair yourself is not necessarily an easy task. The websites and articles above are 2 very good companies though with many testimonials from happy people who had a broken macbook or laptop, and they got it back all in order.

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They of course, also know how to perform data recovery if you did not do backup your data.

So, we’ll keep you posted at Expandinjax. Come back often!